Episode Airdate Plot
"We're Back On The Air, Baby!: Part 1" January 5, 2015

After their show got cancelled Chris and Rocky are poor and are living out on the street. The two are tired of living on the street and are going to get their jobs back at Brodie TV Entertainment, no matter what happens.

Chris and Rocky both see a large sign outside the Brodie TV Entertainment building saying "Help Wanted". The two march in and ask Brysen Brodie if they can have their jobs back. Brysen says that they are currently hiring and they should check back later (Not knowing that it was Chris and Rocky).

"We're Back On The Air, Baby!: Part 2" January 12, 2015 Chris and Rocky go back to the Brodie TV Entertainment building and ask Brysen if they are hired. Brysen realizes that the two people who asked him were Rocky and Chris, the two stars of his cancelled sitcom, Chris. Brysen says if he knew it was them the whole time he would have hired them right away. The two are happy to have a job again and happy because they are not going to be hobos anymore.
"A Third Member of the Gang" January 19, 2015 Chris is tired of his gang being a duo and wants it to have three members. He and Rocky then spot a man waiting for a bus. They both run up to him and ask him if he wants to be part of their gang. The man laughs and then says "You two want me to be a member of your, let's see here, your little gang!". Chris then replies: "Well, we were hoping you would join our gang sir.". The man replies: "Sure I guess I'll join your gang then."
"Work Buddies" January 26, 2015 Chris and Rocky find out that the third member of their gang's name is Garrett and he also works at Brodie TV Entertainment. The two think this is awesome and the three of them can all be "Work Buddies". Garrett finds Rocky and Chris a bit childish but then says whatever and heads to work. Brysen tells Rocky and Chris to go into the office's animation room and work on his new animated show with Garrett. Garrett explains to them what to do and Garrett just hopes that Rocky and Chris don't screw it up.

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