Up To Date With Brysen Brodie Season 1

Brysen talks with actor and creator of the Starry video game series Jeremy Smith. Brysen asks him about his accomplishments and tries to keep the show interesting because the critics who rate his show are in the audience and they could cancel his show. Brysen doesn't want to get off air again!

December 19, 2014
Merry Christmas! Well not exactly. Brysen is having his Christmas special today, Monday December 22, 2014 even though Christmas is on Thursday. Brysen says he is only doing this because he is going away to see his family for Christmas and his flight is tomorrow. Merry early Christmas, everyone! December 22, 2014

Brysen chats with the cast of his cancelled sitcom Chris. He asks the cast about there careers and what they are doing today. They say that it is hard for them to find work but they are still working hard with their acting career's.

December 29, 2014

It's New Year's Eve and the countdown to 2015 is on. Brysen counts down with radio personality Craig Torres! Brysen also reads comments or questions that were sent to him or Craig and they read them on the show.

December 31, 2014
Happy New Year! It's now 2015 and Brysen rings in the new year once again with actor and creator of the Starry video game series Jeremy Smith. Jeremy was his first guest of 2014 and now he's his first of 2015. January 1, 2015
Great news! Brysen has revived his show Chris and is airing the first revived episode of the show, live on Up To Date With Brysen Brodie!  January 5, 2015
Brysen is back talking again with the cast of Chris and their opinions about the show being revived. They say that they were quite suprised when Brysen gave them a phone call, telling them he revived the series. January 10, 2015
Brysen sits down to talk with actor George Andrews about his role on the show The Adventures of Dexter and Patrick. George says he may become an Executive Producer on the spinoff series of the show, Stadium Academy: The Series. January 8, 2015

Brysen interviews actors Nash Hunter and Rob Gilmore as they talk about their new sitcom Nash! Brysen also counts down the top ten best and worst shows of January 2015 with the two.

January 31, 2015
Brysen tells everyone he has also been working on another big project for the last few months, a movie for the show! Brysen talks with head writer of Up To Date With Brysen Brodie Colin O'Connor. Colin says he has been writing a script for the movie and they are also going to air a 3 part documentary-like series, leading up to the theatrical release of the movie. February 1, 2015
Brysen and his crew are rehearsing in this 3 part documentary type series for Up To Date With Brysen Brodie: The MovieThe movie will be in theatres February 27, 2015 so they need to rehearse their lines more than anything. Part 1 features interviews with the entire cast of the film, who discuss their opinions and there roles. February 5, 2015
Part 2 of Behind The Scenes: The Making of Up To Date With Brysen Brodie: The Movie shows tons of behind the scenes footage and much more!  February 16, 2015
Part 3 of this series has more action then any other part! The cast only has one week to rehearse and Brysen says to rehearse more than anything in their lives for just one week because a week isn't such a long time. This episode also features more interviews with the cast who discuss more about their roles. Time is running out and the movie will premier in theatres February 27! February 20, 2015
Bomb Bird, a new host of a talk show called Tonight's The Bomb made fun of Brysen live on his show the night before because Brysen has the flu. Brysen doesn't like the joke and thinks it was cruel. Brysen takes the case to court and Bomb Bird is found with several charges, including driving to the set of his show and getting a ticket for speeding. Bomb Bird made a person in the audience pay off the ticket which is illegal. He is in prison until February 26, 2015 for the ticket incident and the on TV incident. February 25, 2015
Brysen is here for his Season 1 Finale! Brysen tells everyone that the Up To Date With Brysen Brodie movie will be in theatres tonight and that he is looking forward to it. Brysen says he will start airing Season 2 around May or June 2015. Brysen also throws out Up To Date With Brysen Brodie: The Movie shirts in the crowd and Garrett, Chris, Matthew, and Colin report from the theatre where the movie will premier. February 27, 2015

Up To Date With Brysen Brodie Season 2

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