Up To Date With Brysen Brodie: The Movie
The Movie Poster
Film information

Directed by

Brysen Brodie

Produced by

Brysen Brodie

Written by

Colin O'Connor

Distributed by

Brodie TV Entertainment

Release Date(s)

February 27, 2015

Running time

90 minutes



Up To Date With Brysen Brodie: The Movie is a Canadian comedy film and the movie for Up To Date With Brysen Brodie. This movie has the cast of Chris as the main actors in the movie. The movie is 90 minutes long and premiered in theatres on February 27, 2015. This film stars Matthew Duncan as Chris, Garrett Smith as Garrett, Chris Gramelli as Rocky, and of course Brysen Brodie as himself. Marcus McGlonsky, the star of the show Forts made an appearance in this film as the town's police chief. This movie isn't called Chris: The Movie because on Chris the cast work for Brysen and in this movie he is trying to save his company.


Brysen is going through mail and gets a letter saying that Brodie TV Entertainment is going bankrupt unless he invests 2, 000, 000 dollars in to the company. Brysen needs to earn the money by the next day and he doesn't think that that is possible. He invites Chris, Garrett, and Rocky over to his house and tells them what is going on. They freak out and tell him that they will do everything to save the company by the end of the day. It is only 4 am but Brysen needs to earn the money fast. They plan for about another 30 minutes and then go outside. Garrett says: "There is no point in going outside, it's only 4:30 in the morning and no one will be outside this early.". Chris, Rocky, and Brysen don't listen, they go outside anyways. "What are you idiots doing, I told you there's nothing outside!" Garrett replies rudly. "There has to be someone." Chis replies to Garrett. "Fine, you'll see beilieve me." Garrett says. "But aren't you going to save the company!?" Chris replies, sad that Garrett won't help. "I'll help a different way." Garrett says, thinking still.

Brysen, Chris, and Rocky all head outside. All that chatting with Garrett took up 15 minutes so now it is 4:45 am. "Let's do busking, I know how to do a flip through a ring of fire while still strumming a guitar!" Rocky says excitedly. "Isn't that a little to extreme, how could we even get a ring of fire?" Brysen asks Rocky. "I have a ring from when my dad was in circus school, all we need to do is light it on fire. Also, I have a guitar in my room." Rocky says hoping his plan will work. "What's Garrett gonna do, hold out a cup like a hobo and ask people to donate money to save our company?" Chris says laughing. Brysen and Rocky laugh. "Our idea is going to be way better!" Rocky says. "Don't forget it is going to be extreme." Chris adds. "Alright boys, can we just go to Rocky's house already!?. We need to save my company!". Brysen says frusturated about all that is going on.

The three finally arrive at Rocky's house. Rocky opens his garage and shows them pictures of his dad in the circus. "Wow Rocky, your dad must have been a circus legend." Brysen says amazed about Rocky's dad. "He is quite the performer and still is, he's only 64." Rocky replies. "Alright now, let's get the ring, also I have a lighter." Chris replies, hoping to save the company. "What if this is illegal." Brysen worried. "Relax Brysen, we'll just do it in front of my house, come on let's set the ring up!". Rocky runs inside and grabs his guitar. "We should wait an hour, Garrett was right, there is nobody outside!" Chris says. Fine we'll wait an hour.

An hour passes and the boys go outside it is now 6:45 in the morning, now they see the neighbours out and a man walking his dog. Chris lights the ring up and it is now on fire. Rocky yells "Hey everybody look at me!" everyone now started at the flipping Rocky who had just landed. Everyone clapped. "Hey that old lady thought it was so good she gave us 100 bucks, we're rich!" Rocky says happily. "Not quite, I need 2 million dollars!" Brysen exclaims. 

Garrett drove all the way down to Penthouse Shed, the town's biggest mob. "Can you guys loan me 2 million?" Garrett asks. "Who's asking?" Vinnie, the leader of Penthouse shed questions. "Uh my name is Joe Gambler I like to gamble I will pay you guys back." Garrett says. Garrett was also wearing black shades and a fake brown beard and disguised his voice. "Alright pay us back or whe'll send Hal Handgun out to kill you!" Vinne replies, eager for Garrett to pay the mob back. Garrett hops in his car and speeds down the highway. The police were after him now. In a hot pursuit Garrett crashes through construction, still wearing his dusguise. "The police probably won't know it's me." Garrett says, also worrying about being arrested. Garrett cut one of the cop cars off the road and over the guard rail, flying in mid air. Garrett just entered the streets and he saw Brysen, Chris, and Rocky. He crashed the car into a tree and took his dusguise off. The police didn't see Garrett take off his dusguise and exit the car, they just saw him with Brysen, Chris and Rocky. "Good they didn't see me and they don't know it's me." Garrett thought to himself.

The police walked over to the car. "Hey you four, have you seen this man, his name's Joe Gambler and he just crashed his car, we believe he is still alive, have you seen him?" the Police question. "Uh he ran that way!" Chris, Rocky, and Brysen saying, knowning that Joe Gambler was actually Garrett in a disguise. "Thanks for covering for me guys, I took 2 million from Penthouse Shed and they didn't know it was me, same with the police they didn't see me leave the car, that was close!" Garrett exclaims quitely so no one can hear. "Thanks Garrett we doubted you and you did it, just like we doubt Chris, you prove the unimpossible, you deserve a promotion, also don't worry we won't tell anyone." Brysen says, keeping his lips zipped. Brysen invested the money into the company and it was saved! Now there was Penthouse Shed and the Police all over town looking for this Joe Gambler guy. There were also wanted signs for Joe Gambler. Now Brysen, Rocky, Garrett, and Chris all got back to work. "What happened you guys, didn't you hear the company was saved, you didn't need to donate money in the first place!" Angela says, excited that the company didn't need 2 million dollars. "Are you telling me we wasted our time trying to get 2 million dollars?!" Brysen yells, freaking out! Everyone was speechless.

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